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FSimStudios Halifax Stanfield International Airport CYHZ V2 MSFS

FSimStudios Halifax Stanfield International Airport CYHZ V2 MSFS

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NOTE: Halifax V2 is a free update for those who have bought Halifax for MSFS. Please do not order again - instead, log in with your account to access the product.

For orders before May 2023, please follow this guide:

Halifax Stanfield International Airport (IATA: YHZ, ICAO: CYHZ) is the main airport serving the Halifax region, mainland Nova Scotia and adjacent areas in the neighboring Maritime provinces. The airport, owned by Transport Canada since it opened in 1960, has been operated since 2000 by the Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA). It forms part of the National Airports System. Designated as an international airport by Transport Canada, Halifax Stanfield is the 8th busiest airport in Canada by passenger traffic. It handled a total of 4,316,079 passengers in 2018 and 84,045 aircraft movements in 2017.

  • Made in collaboration with Airfield Canada.
  • Most up to date and detailed representation of Halifax Stanfield International Airport (March 2024) created for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Detailed terminal building, featuring highly detailed interiors.
  • Outstanding modeling, 4K PBR Textures, and great attention to detail.
  • 0.3cm/pix custom aerial orthophotos for the airport area.
  • PBR Custom Ground Polygon.
  • Native MSFS SDK Jetways
  • Static Commercial and GA Aircraft.


  • Performance significantly optimized. New MSFS Techniques have been extensively used all across to update the airport to the new standards, ensuring smooth performance and consistent FPS.
  • Improved terminal model, several areas have been remodeled and retextured, with crisp new PBR Materials.
  • Improved Interior Model, highly detailed and accurate to March 2024. Interiors have been modeled utilizing MSFS Techniques for minimal performance impact.
  • Glass materials all across the airport have been edited to make use of the stock Glass reflective materials for enhanced realism.
  • All new Ground Polygon, highly detailed, making use of all-new materials and textures.
  • New Taxiway N (by Runway 14) and Apron 3 (New Cargo Apron) modeled.
  • New Cargo Terminal modeled in high detail.
  • Custom Taxi Signs all around the airport.
  • Improved night lighting all around the airport.
  • Static Aircraft (GA and Airliners) and Detailed Interiors can now be removed through Scenery Configuration (ORBX and Contrail only)
  • Improved static aircraft models.
  • Improved GSE and Clutter vehicle models.
  • Clutter and vehicles utilizing multiple LODs for improved performance.
  • All new Jetway Models, utilizing high-resolution materials and modeled accurately to the type of jetways used in Halifax.
  • Several Bugs Fixed
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